Outing to be bisexual

I have been bisexual all of my life but after two failed marriages and still wanting a beautiful woman in my life, I decided to make a "beautiful change". So I married a beautiful, pre-op transexual and I could not be happier. I met her four years ago at a friend's house and as soon as I saw her I fell in love. Not only is she beautiful but very sweet, kind and sexy. We married about two years ago and she has changed my life completely. We do everything together and I mean everything but the best part is that there are no secrets. We are very honest with each other and we can talk about anything. I have always had a tiny dick, only three inches when hard, but she has a ten-inch hooded snake that is seven inches in diameter. So when we have sex, my wife, fucks me instead of the other way around. I love the feeling of her big snake stretching my ass and filling me with her warm fresh cum. We are okay with this role reversal because whenever we need a change we bring in a third person.
Last weekend, like many others, we had a great time with a friend of ours who is a young stud. He came over on Friday evening and didn't leave until Sunday. His main job was to service my wife and make me a cum lord, but once in awhile, he would fill me up too. He has great stamina and recovers very quickly so he can always keep us happy. Last month my wife and I went on vacation for a week in the Caribbean, and we had lots of fun making two new friends. One night we were at a bar and decided to separate to see if someone would try to pick her up. Within five minutes, one guy came over to her and started hitting on her. He was very persistent and convinced her to dance. After the second song the music changed to a very slow dance and he pulled her in and started to kiss her neck and grab her ass. This guy was determined to fuck my wife, so he started to tongue kiss her and she got so excited that he felt her dick touch his. He froze for a second but then after looking into that beautiful face, he continued to play with her body. After that dance, my wife asked him if he was interested in going to her room and he said yes. She told him that there was one more thing. That was that her husband would be joining them but that he would only be there to watch and do only what he was told. He agreed to that also, so she waived at me to join them. Once in the room, I sat in a chair near the bed and they started to undress each other, when my wife got to his shorts she pulled them down exposing the biggest cock either of us had ever seen. But she took into her mouth as much as she could and sucked until it was hard as a rock and even bigger. He started by playing with her small breast (she is a 34b) and worked his way down to her perfectly flat stomach then he laid her down on the bed. By that time I had removed the lub and a condom from the drawer and placed it on the bed next to them. So he picked it up, lubed her ass and covered his giant anaconda. Then he started to stretch her butt hole with his fingers until he was able to fit four fingers into her. Then he slowly pushed his big fat dick head into her tight ass and when he popped it in she screamed in pain. But he slowly pushed in further and her pain became pleasure. He picked up the pace until he was ramming that giant cock into my wife's tight ass, balls deep. Now she was screaming from pleasure not pain, and then they both came. She sprayed her hot cum all over her flat tummy and her tits. He filled the condom like a water balloon. Then she called me in to clean her cum from her body and to remove the condom from his dick to lick him clean.
I did as I was told and took the oportunity to suck that big giant cock until he was hard again. Then I gave him anoher condom. By then my wife was on all fours, so he got in behind her. He still had to push hard to get that big head in. But this time she did not scream. She signaled me to get under her to suck her dick and catch her load. So when she came the second time, I swallowed it all. Then when he came, I did the same as before. After he left, we took a shower together where she fucked me for being a good husband and then we went to bed. About two days later we went to a local open market to find some souvenirs. That day she looked awesome in a very thin blouse with no bra and a very loose skirt with a thong under it. At one point she walked away to another table to see something and a local guy started to hit on her. He was young and good looking so she discreetly looked at me. I just smiled so she continued to talk to with him. Then all of a sudden he took her by the hand and led her away. I followed them but I kept my distance so he would not know. He took her to a side street that had a small alley, like a cheap whore. Once there, he pulled out his dick and asked her to suck it. She got on her knees and did what she was told. Once he was really hard he gave her a condom to put on his dick. He pulled her up by her hand, turned her around, bent her over. He picked up her dress and pushed his dick into her ass. He banged her for a while and when he came he removed the condom threw it on the ground, thanked her and then just walked away. Leaving her right there all hot and horny, so I came in, lifted her skirt and began to suck her dick until she came and gave me a mouth full.
Our vacation ended and we returned home with very good memories. This is something I would never have been able to do with either of my previous wives, and that is why I am so happy now. I can bake my cake and eat it too. I have a beautiful wife that some people envy. Those who are not in our very close group of friends have no idea that she was born a boy. Most just think that I have a very beautiful wife and that I am very lucky to have her. And they are so right, I would not change her for any woman in the world.